MakaWalangHiya Distro


MAKA(WALANG)HIYA DISTRO aims to share, promote, distribute and disseminate Filipina/o/x-made zines, comics and various independently produced creations to the wider world. We carry info zines, social justice zines, comics, perzines (personal zines) and literary zines, as well as various stickers and prints.


Keet (they/she) is a writer, artist and illustrator. They have been fascinated with self-publishing since they were a kid and making zines in earnest since 2007. They have made over 80 zines and counting. They like tortang talong, kilawin, their lola’s kare-kare, and cheese pimiento on their pandesal~.

You can find them at @makeshiftlove on Instagram, and at


Eloisa (they/she) is a media + software artist and developer interested in internet aesthetics, personal archiving & documentation, and online & offline networks of care. She likes sinigang, all of the silogs, and bopis, and pandesal with dirty ice cream.

You can find them at @thinkbulecount2 on Twitter/Instagram, and at