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All Girls (2022)
Keet Geniza & E.L. Guerrero

All Girls is a split-zine that attempts to circle around and hone in on how our schooling affected our approaches and relationships to queerness, gender, femininity, etc. told through interconnected vignettes, anecdotes and poetry. 20 pages, half-sized.


in junior year, they gave us a slim yellow pamphlet with a bunch of new rules (“admonitions”) like we haven’t had enough

how to eat (rice only with a spoon!) how to walk (back straight, no slouching!) how to sit (legs together!) how to speak (quietly! politely!) how to act around boys

one must never get emotional at the sight of boys

no excitement, no rapture, no (misguided) passion, the purported province of teenage girls

i bet they never thought of rage